Open Gardens Canberra is managed by a committee of volunteers.  Each year at the AGM OGC members elect office bearers: a President and Vice-president, a Treasurer, and a Secretary, according to the Rules of the association.

The role of the Secretary is described in the Rules (see section 17) and includes:

  •          Taking and circulating minutes for ordinary meetings and the Annual General Meeting
  •          Coordinating the venue for meetings
  •          Maintaining and holding OGC corporate records

 The role of Treasurer is also described in the rules (see section 18) and includes:

  •         Assisting volunteers to collect and properly receipt funds received at open gardens
  •        Receiving all amounts owing to the association and making all authorised payments
  •        Keeping correct, audited accounts of the financial affairs of the association

All incorporated associations must have a Public officer to act as the contact between the association and the Office of Regulatory services (ORS). The role of public officer is described in the Associations Incorporations Practice Manual .

The committee also includes volunteers in roles such as membership secretary, volunteer coordinator, publicity coordinator, website editor and garden selectors. All committee members may assist with:

  •         coordinating individual open gardens
  •         suggesting or selecting gardens
  •         funds management from open gardens
  •         writing or editing items for the website
  •         writing items for the newsletter or other publicity
  •         organising OGC events

The committee works together to achieve the goals of Open Gardens Canberra  and to prove that in committees as in gardening, many hands make light work.