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Anne’s and Dana’s Gardens

10am to 4pm, 16th and 17th March 2019

These two standard sized gardens have been developed over 30 years. Anne’s garden incorporate numerous open beds at the front and back, featuring a wide variety of perennials and shrubs, vegetables and fruit trees. Dana’s garden next door is largely dedicated to the production of fruit and vegetables through the seasons.

The garden on Anne’s flat block comprises a system of well maintained beds set out to maximise the floral and foliage display and viewing and exposure to sunlight. The large variety of plants provides much interest. There is a zone dedicated to productive vegetables (using raised wicking beds) and fruit trees.

Dana’s garden is noteworthy in its systematic layout of vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and berries. There is a large variety of fruit and at least 25 different vegetables and herbs and 15 species of fruit. These are all designed and displayed to maximise exposure to sunlight. Production is planned for all four seasons. Olives are processed and cabbages are pickled to produce sauerkraut.

Anne’s and Dana’s Garden Notes



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