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Thornleigh Heritage cottage garden surrounding 1880s house with walled secret garden incorporating the owner’s sculptures and potager. The current owner has made every endeavour to replicate the sorts of plantings which were common to homes built in the era of Thornleigh’s construction, not only in respect of a residential garden of the period, but also a source of produce for home use. The cottage garden has hundreds of bulbs, annuals, herbaceous perennials as well as heritage trees and roses. Bungendore, NSW 2621 Spring 2019 Download Garden Notes
Fieldstone The owners have landscaped this simple, semi-formal garden over the last four years, in keeping with the heritage 1860 gneiss stone dwelling and the pre-existing, large trees. A very long pergola-covered driveway features sentinel pears, wisteria and viburnum shrubs. Fencing, building structures, sandstone pathing and a large collection of French and English outdoor antiques are all designed to add to the charm of this garden. The Cobblers’ Cottage next door, also constructed in 1860, contributes to the heritage landscape. Bungendore, NSW 2621 Spring 2019 Download Garden Notes
Fox's Folly This is a large cottage garden in a relaxing woodland setting. There is a diversity of plantings to be seen throughout the very deep half acre block. The garden has been developed over the last 30 years since the stone cottage was finished. The garden has progressively taken over a paddock, starting with trees, followed by many groundcover plants, the rose garden, bulb beds, perennial beds, fruit trees and many potted plants of interest. The large grassed areas under the trees provides a foil for the garden rooms. Bungendore, NSW 2621 Spring 2019 Download Garden Notes
The Old Stone House One acre of semi-formal gardens lies behind the 19th century restored two storey house. The Givenchy inspired gardens have been restored and developed during the last 20 years, using original plants and material where possible. Ramps and steps lead down to large lawns dominated by a very large central arbour, supporting roses (new dawn) and weeping cherry trees. The property boundaries are dominated by very large trees, mainly English elms and cypress (up to 140 years old), and a lilac hedge at the rear, all providing a microclimate and a private atmosphere. The other features include a Japanese garden, gazebo, tea house and more than 200 roses. Other plants include maples, gleditsias, hawthorns, bulb beds, peonies, pomegranates and espaliered fruit trees. Water is captured in large tanks. Bungendore, NSW 2621 Spring 2019 Download Garden Notes
Terroux An evolving mixed garden with water features, a labyrinth and quirky pieces of art which will delight children. A garden of discovery with many gravel paths revealing diverse plantings including hedges of flower carpet roses, callistemons, conifers and photinias. There are three dams each of different designs and plantings: one flows over to a wetland; another has a terraced garden; there is also a large dry creek bed surrounded by natives. The gardens’ extensive park-like setting is enhanced by a backdrop of the Brindabellas. Wallaroo, NSW 2618 Spring 2019 Download Garden Notes
The Woodland Walk This 1200m2 garden was redesigned 6 years ago and features some lovely stone retaining walls with a variety of plants including some natives. Features some lovely Forest Pansy trees and a Gleditsia tree in the front garden with Daphne, Hydrangeas, Magnolias, Crepe Myrtles and Maples in the rear. Bird baths and other garden ornaments complement the plantings. Melba, ACT 2615 Spring 2019 Download Garden Notes
The Miller's Garden The Miller’s Garden is a deciduous woodland garden of maples and eucalypts, with a dense understory of azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias and numerous other shrubs and groundcover plants. A series of paths traverse wooded terraces which have been carved out of the very steep, westward facing granite slopes of Red Hill. Carefully placed mirrors, water features, rest areas and art add interest. The garden’s dense plantings set in the rocky slopes have created massive natural cooling for the house and garden. Garran, ACT 2605 Spring 2019 Download Garden Notes
The Garden Cottage This pretty and romantic garden features seven open areas, each containing a different sort of ornament, seating or gazebo. These areas are connected by paved paths, lined with English and Japanese box, which offer no-step access to the whole block. The garden has grown out of the owners’ love of history, and is filled with many useful, often rare, plants, so that every corner has interest. Every garden bed is also filled with ground covers, bulbs and perennials offering interest throughout the year and gentle fireworks in spring. The garden is a source of supplies for craft, dying, fibre art, and cooking and is an inspiration for the owners’ historical costume, dance and music hobby. Yarralumla, ACT 2600 Spring 2019 Download Garden Notes
Langdene This cottage style garden surrounds one of Queanbeyan’s heritage listed homestead buildings. Large trees, perennials, shrubs and groundcovers combine to provide a changing landscape. Among the plantings of trees, shrubs and flowering perennials are zones for conifers, ferns, true geraniums, kniphofias and sages. A range of groundcovers is a feature of the gardens, helping to reduce soil water loss and control weeds. There are special plants of interest including clematis and fuschia species. Sustainability features includes composting bins, mulching and a system of rainwater tanks having 38,000 litre capacity, linked to irrigation systems. Queanbeyan, NSW 2620 Autumn 2019 Download Garden Notes
Cambrey Farm Cambrey Farm, a 6 acre Pialligo farmlet established in the 1930s has been in the owner’s family since 1954. Major tree plantings date from then, comprising majestic pinoaks, ash and liquidambars as well as mature gums. The original cottage garden has been supplemented by the gardens established around a second house built in 2000. Winding paths lead through pergolas, loggias and formal box rose gardens to the Old Barn, built in the mid 1930s and recently restored to display its beautiful old timbers and ironwork. Also of interest are the friendly alpacas and busy bee hives! Pialligo Canberra, ACT 2609 Autumn 2019 Download Garden Notes
Anne's and Dana's Gardens These two standard sized gardens have been developed over 30 years. Anne’s garden incorporate numerous open beds at the front and back, featuring a wide variety of perennials and shrubs, vegetables and fruit trees. Dana’s garden next door is largely dedicated to the production of fruit and vegetables through the seasons. The garden on Anne’s flat block comprises a system of well maintained beds set out to maximise the floral and foliage display and viewing and exposure to sunlight. The large variety of plants provides much interest. There is a zone dedicated to productive vegetables (using raised wicking beds) and fruit trees. Dana’s garden is noteworthy in its systematic layout of vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and berries. There is a large variety of fruit and at least 25 different vegetables and herbs and 15 species of fruit. These are all designed and displayed to maximise exposure to sunlight. Production is planned for all four seasons. Olives are processed and cabbages are pickled to produce sauerkraut. Giralang Canberra, ACT 2617 Autumn 2019 Download Garden Notes
Joan's Garden In Joan's well established garden the emphasis is on green, and as a consequence trees and shrubs vie with the understorey for space. There are maples, crepe myrtles, crab apples, laurels, to name but a few, with salvia, roses, irises etc. trying to provide a touch of colour. After lots of pruning it is possible to meander through this restful garden. Fadden, Tuggeranong, ACT 2904 Autumn 2019 Download Garden Notes
Kambah Community Garden COGS The Kambah Community Garden has been operated by the Canberra Organic Growers Society since 2001. It is located adjacent to the Kambah Woolshed and set in a beautiful park landscape with a view of Mount Taylor. They have about 27 gardeners allocated individual plots which they put to productive use growing food for themselves and their families. They grow food all year round using sustainable organic gardening practices that build and continuously improve the quality of the soil and the environment . An emphasis is on collaboration within the garden with all plot holders sharing communal vegetable and herb garden cultivation, composting and general maintenance. Kambah, Tuggeranong, ACT 2902 Autumn 2019 Download Garden Notes
Christine’s garden A very large suburban garden with an amazing variety of plants. Rock walls allow for built up garden beds with improved soil and drainage. English box hedges divide areas including a parterre garden. Large mirrors on the boundary fences create illusions of depth. Deciduous trees provide for Autumn colour. Gowrie, Tuggeranong, ACT 2904 Autumn 2019 Download Garden Notes
Trudy’s Permaculture Garden Productive and water-wise permaculture garden on a 600 m2 block. Trudy’s garden features an extensive variety of fruit trees including citrus, cherries, apricots, apples, nectarines, plums, a three-way pear, nashi, cherry guava, persimmon and loquat, along with Mediterranean favourites such as a pomegranate and olives. A regular pruning program ensures each bears fruit in easy reach. Vegetables, herbs and berries grow abundantly in this cornucopia of a garden. Ainslie, North Canberra, ACT 2602 Autumn 2019 Download Garden Notes
Rosearie de la Faunt Full of the grace and charm of a cottage garden, Rosearie de la Faunt, with over 500 bush and climbing roses, will be pretty as a picture in spring. This large suburban garden has been tended by the current owners since 2001 and features mature magnolia, dogwood, birch, maple, crabapple, Manchurian pear, Gleditsia, golden ash and Judas trees, along with a pond and fountain. The understorey includes a variety of flowering bulbs, hellebores, azalea and camellias. Fruit trees including citrus, peach, and cherry, raised vegetable beds and chooks ensure the garden is productive as well as beautiful. Waramanga, Weston Creek 2611 Spring 2018 Garden notes are not available
The Serendipitous Garden This prolific and mature native garden has tall trees at the front and a panoramic view of the Brindabellas. The back is a contrast, where woodland is interspersed with vegetable plots, a large berry patch, fruit trees, a chook shed and bee colonies. Water tanks totalling 35,000 litres storage capacity go a significant way to quenching a water thirsty garden. The wide decks provide comfortable vantage points to observe the distant ranges, to share meals with friends and to relax and to engage in activities such as requeening beehives. The garden reflects the owners’ active but relaxed lifestyle. Kambah, Tuggeranong, ACT 2902 Spring 2018 Download Garden Notes
Cuppacumbalong Both the heritage listed Cuppacumbalong House and the surrounding gardens will be opened to the public. The new owners are renovating the terraced gardens, in keeping with early 20th Century styles. The grounds, suitable for picnics, are framed by large shade trees and face onto the Murrumbidgee River, where a mown path leads to a small historic cemetery. Tharwa NSW 2620 Spring 2018 Download Garden Notes
Finch Farmlet This garden is one of 15 demonstration gardens chosen under the ACT Government’s H2OK Healthy Waterways Program Stage 1. Water capture is integrated into the sloping, terraced gardens which also feature many ornamental and vegetable garden beds, herbs, fruit trees, a poultry enclosure, an orchid shadehouse, a winter glasshouse, pleasant sitting areas and themed art works. The design of the garden ensures these features are not crowded. Chisholm, Tuggeranong, ACT 2905 Spring 2018 Download Garden Notes
Mayfield Established during Canberra’s most recent drought (2003-2008), this garden was transformed from an uninteresting and mostly bare yard, to a plant-filled colourful surprise. Sited on a gentle slope the garden is on several levels, filled with a mix of natives and exotics in the front and roses under-planted with cottage plants in the back. Flowering shrubs, shady sections and a touch of formality add extra interest. Gowrie, Tuggeranong, ACT 2904 Spring 2018 Download Garden Notes
A Relaxed Garden Enjoy the sounds of frogs and moving water in this productive cottage garden without a lawn. In Spring the garden will be abloom with fruit trees (apricot, fig, plum and crab apples) and also feature a wisteria-covered arbour, camellias and bulbs. The owner’s efforts to establish a sound basic structure of visual rooms and access paths, and to improve the soil, have paid off. Now they have garden that does not need constant attention, allowing them to simply relax in the garden, enjoying the constantly changing colours of flowers and foliage. Garran, Woden, ACT 2605 Spring 2018 Download Garden Notes
Els' Garden Els' garden is on a quarter acre, gently south-sloping block, and includes a variety of ornamental zones front and back including a substantial variety of native plants. Phyla nodiflora on the nature strip leads to Isopogons sheltering under a silver birch and a Chinese pistacio, near a mature Myoporum floribundum. Mauve Prostanthera, Olearia and Westringia contrast beautifully with the yellows and oranges of Micrantheum hexandrum, Pomaderris phylicifolia and multiple Banksias and Grevilleas. The stunning exotic Cercis canadensis shades white Olearia and Kunzea, and a delicate pink Ozothamnus nearby. In the back garden a small pond and creek make a lovely setting. A wisteria covered pergola creates a shady outdoor area for a cup of tea or coffee. Flynn, Belconnen, ACT 2615 Spring 2018 NA
The Oaks Estate Garden Two gardens, back to back, are set in a quiet, well treed neighbourhood of Oaks Estate, in a very historic part of the Region near the Queanbeyan River. The gardens have much to interest all, but are characterised by many autumn flowering perennials and shrubs. Native planted areas contrast with more reflective corners, vegetable gardens and the poultry run. Oaks Estate, NSW 2620 Autumn 2018 Download Garden Notes
Fetherston Gardens The 3.5 hectare Fetherston Gardens provides a variety of garden styles which will appeal to a range of garden lovers. These include the eucalypt woodlands, the arboretum, the conifer grove, the pond, the native garden and the secret garden. The diverse gardens are linked by good paths. Comfortable seating, gazebos and shelters are located at various points. Weston, Weston Creek, ACT 2611 Autumn 2018 Download Garden Notes
Evalees An informal country garden with views of Lake George, designed to complement rather than compete with the landscape. The garden has extensive native grass areas with informal plantings of native and exotic trees. There are colourful beds of shrubs and flowers with designated areas and garden names corresponding to places, people and events in the families’ lives, such as a Fairy tree, Christmas garden, Boston garden and several memorial gardens. The garden has many quirky additions which will delight children. Gundaroo, NSW, 2620 Autumn 2018 Download Garden Notes
McLeods Creek Nature Reserve guided walks Mcleods Creek Nature Reserve was established in 2010 to protect a rare remnant of box-gum woodland, of which only 5% remains. Even though largely cleared for agriculture, the resultant grassland is a valuable opportunity to protect and recover this endangered community. Gundaroo, NSW, 2620 Autumn 2018
Lorraine and Geoff’s Garden This garden flows beautifully, providing comfort and inspiration and framing views of nearby Mount Taylor. Careful plantings, featuring diverse and effective groundcovers, draw your eye to different garden rooms. A feature of the front garden are the ‘steppable’ plants in lieu of a front lawn. In the back garden the sloping land allows a beautiful dry creek to run diagonally from top to bottom, linking ponds at either end. Diverse plantings surround several seating areas in which to relax and chat. Pearce, Woden ACT 2607 Autumn 2018 Download Garden Notes
Crace Community garden Crace is a Canberra Organic Growers Community Garden - this is a relatively new suburb so the garden is providing a great opportunity for locals to get to know each other. The 2000-square-metre garden was built by Crace’s developers; there are 30 raised garden beds of varying sizes, and a few larger plots are shared by up to four plotholders each. There is a very wide variety of vegetables grown, with cultural differences being highlighted in the varied choice within plots. As well plot-holders vary in their methods of composting, mulching, rotating etc. Excess produce is swapped and any extra is donated to a nearby Community Pantry supporting low income families. Around the perimeter are rosemary, lavender and blueberry bushes as well as fruit trees such as pomegranates and feijoas. Crace, Gungahlin, ACT 2911 Autumn 2018
Haven This attractive garden on a 540m2 flat block is just 5 years old and has achieved the owner’s aims to design a garden which is both easily maintained and fully accessible. Being a cottage garden there is interest 12 months of the year be it colour, flower, shape and/or foliage and the garden includes many rare and unusual plants both native and non-native. The backyard has a chook run, fruit and vegetable garden, and several potted citrus trees to complement the owners’ plot at the nearby community garden (also open this weekend). Despite its petite dimensions, there is even space for a patch of real lawn! Crace, Gungahlin, ACT 2911 Autumn 2018 Download Garden Notes
Dragon flies and blue bees This suburban oasis features a natural water pool from which you can admire the water lilies, lotus and water poppies. The garden is highly productive, containing vegetables and herbs. Espaliered pear, plum and apple trees are features, together with cherry, quince, apricot, feijoa, pomegranate and grapes. The Maran chooks enjoy their home under the inoculated hazelnut trees as the owners await their first truffles. Good design ensures that local native plantings (especially correas) integrate beautifully into this productive garden, as does the outdoor room with mobile firepit. Watson ACT 2602 Autumn 2018 Download Garden Notes
Persephone This mid-sized semi-formal garden features exotic trees, shrubs and perennials. Hedging and mass plantings create different spaces to relax and observe the bird life. The private backyard provides a tranquil environment for entertaining, a network of paths and a small lawn for adventure and play, and an integrated productive garden featuring chickens, a greenhouse and a variety of fruit and vegetables. Pearce, ACT Spring 2017 Download Garden Notes
Melssen Garden This compact garden was started in 2007. The gardener has worked since then to turn a bare area into a beautiful cottage style garden dominated by bush, climbing, pillar, standard and groundcover roses. Located on a sloping site, the garden has been designed so that one person, with chronic pain, can maintain the small site to its maximum potential. There are sustainability features, including 16,200 litres water tanks and pumps for the gardens and consistent use of mulch for all beds. Queanbeyan NSW 2620 Spring 2017 Download Garden Notes
Pillans Garden Planting of this large all-native garden began in 2003. Today the garden features over 1000 individual species, including more than 70 acacia species and more than 70 grevillea species, making for a spectacular spring display. A wide range of bird species frequent the garden and the number is increasing as the garden develops. Existing mature eucalypts are complemented by plants sourced from a wide variety of local, regional and far-flung sources, including some not normally grown in the Canberra region. One section of the garden has been developed as a dry ‘rainforest’ gully using species with glossy, dark green leaves. Jerrabomberra NSW Spring 2017 Download Garden Notes
Wanna Wanna Homestead Historic European style garden with a heritage listed slab hut from 1830. The garden is laid out in southern highlands style and surrounded by trees dating back to the early 19th Century. The more recent additions include a water garden. A profusion of old fashioned roses complements the setting. Carwoola, NSW 2620 Spring 2017 Download Garden Notes
Tour Rouge A delightful one acre Mediterranean style garden designed around three main axis. A series of garden rooms are delineated by plantings including Leighton Greens, Pyrus Manchurian Pears and Westwoods, Italian pencil pines, Smaragds and Flowering Cherries. Hedging plants such as English Box, Lonicera Nitida and Pileata, Green Pillar Pittosporum and Princess of Wales have also been well-utilised in the design. Structural elements reflect the owners' interest in Italy and France and include two sand-stone terraces, a columned arbour, an archway and sunken garden, a courtyard, a loggia with kitchen, open fire, wood fired pizza oven and finally a two storey round tower with belfry - the red tower reflected in the garden's name. Carwoola, NSW 2620 Spring 2017
Christine’s garden A very large suburban garden with an amazing variety of plants. Rock walls allow for built up garden beds with improved soil and drainage. English box hedges divide areas including a parterre garden. Large mirrors on the boundary fences create illusions of depth. Gowrie, ACT Spring 2017 Download Garden Notes
Yellow Box ‘Yellow Box’ comprises about a hectare of densely planted native plants of great variety, on an elevated rocky knoll. The garden, started in 1997, includes many meandering, pleasant paths taking visitors to many garden sections, including vegetable beds and an orchard. The 45 acre property, featuring some native pastures, also includes landcare shelter belts on its perimeter. Mown paths will allow interested visitors to take short walks around the perimeter of the garden and to special plantings a bit further afield. Spring Range, NSW Spring 2017 Download Garden Notes
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