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The TransPlant Garden began from scratch in December 2015 with a bare block of Kambah clay. With help from a local horticulturist, the Doyles transplanted a lemon tree and dozens of camellias – all of which were at least 30 years old from their “Mr Fluffy” house in Waramanga. Nearly a hundred mature plants were also moved including: crepe myrtles, liriopes, dietes, agapanthus, westringias, hellebores, roses, tree ferns, bluebells, and oysters plants. Everything transplanted well and survived with lots of TLC, except the roses which never came back after winter. In following years the camellias and oyster plants weren’t thriving so were removed and transplanted to other people’s gardens. Over the past four years, with good soil preparation, underground irrigation, and quality mulch the Doyles have turned bare Kambah clay into the beautiful small garden it is today.

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